under- +‎ run


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underrun (plural underruns)

  1. (accounting) A condition in which fewer products are delivered or produced than had been ordered.
  2. (computing) A condition in which the read/write buffer is fed with data at a slower rate than required; a buffer underrun.


underrun (third-person singular simple present underruns, present participle underrunning, simple past underran, past participle underrun)

  1. To run or pass under.
    • 1904, Katherine Cecil Thurston , The Masquerader (page 26)
      He spoke fast, with the uneasy tone that so often underran his words.
  2. (nautical) To pass along and under, e.g. a cable, for the purpose of taking it in or examining it.
  3. (nautical) To separate the parts of (a tackle) and put them in order.
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