up for grabs



up for grabs (not comparable)

  1. (idiomatic) Available for anyone to obtain, claim, decide, or win.
    • 1998 April 13, Salman Rushdie, "Mohandas Gandhi," Time:
      Gandhi today is up for grabs. He has become abstract, ahistorical, postmodern, no longer a man in and of his time but a freeloading concept.
    • 2006 Nov. 5, Robert Hicks, "Opinion: Separate but Equal," New York Times (retrieved 12 July 2011):
      The Senate is up for grabs in November's election.
    • 2009 Nov. 18, Julie Schmit, "China pushes solar, wind power development," USA Today (retrieved 12 July 2011):
      "In the transformation of clean technology, it's up for grabs whether the giants will be American or Chinese or from other countries," says Salzman.


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