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yli- +‎ oppilas



  1. An educational qualification awarded to a person that has successfully completed the upper secondary school final exam.
  2. A holder of such qualification, i.e. a high school graduate who has passed ylioppilastutkinto (matriculation examination). The individual is qualified to begin baccalaureate level studies at a university.


Usage notesEdit

The Finnish students finishing the lukio (high school) must pass a country-wide test called ylioppilastutkinto (matriculation examination). While studying for this examination on the last class of high school the students are called abiturientti or ylioppilaskokelas. After passing it they become ylioppilas and gain general eligibility for studying in a university. In addition, many universities and other learning institutions require passing their own pääsykoe (entrance exam) and/or soveltuvuuskoe (aptitude test).