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Probably a form of üle (over) or other similar stems. Compare Finnish ylös.


  • IPA(key): /ˈyles/, [ˈyles]
  • Rhymes: -yles
  • Hyphenation: ü‧les


üles (not comparable)

  1. up, upwards, aloft, above
    1. From a lower position to an upper position.
      Tormasin trepist üles.I stormed up the stairs.
      1. From a sitting or lying position to a standing position, upright.
        Kukkunu ajas end maast üles.The person who fell got up off the ground.
    2. Indicating that an action has ended.
      Lumi oli üles sulanud.The snow had melted [up].
      Vang oli ennast üles poonud.The prisoner had hanged himself [up].
      1. Into a condition suitable for using.
        Muuseumis pannakse uut näitust üles.They were putting up a new exhibition in the museum.
      2. From sleeping to an awake (and vertical) state.
        Mind aeti kõige sügavama une pealt üles.I was woken up from my deepest sleep.
    3. Into a bigger, higher, more important state.
      Inflatsioon lõi hinnad üles.Inflation brought the prices up.

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