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  1. fast, quick, quickly; adverbial form of ātrs
    ātri skriet, braukt, ripot, velties — to run, to ride, to move, to roll quickly
    ātri mizot kartupeļus — to peel potatoes quickly
    ātri elpot — to breathe quickly
    ātri izrēķināt uzdevumu — to figure out the problem, task quickly
    ātri apvainoties — to be quickly offended
  2. soon (after little time)
    tēvs ātri atkal bija klāt — father was soon back
    sāpes atri pārgāja — the pain soon went away
  3. (comparative form, in a negative context) as soon as; only after (something)
    viņš negāja ātrāk prom, kamēr dabūja atļauju — he went as soon as, only after he got permission (lit. he didn't go faster than he got permission)
  4. early, before
    atnākt no skolas ātrāk nekā parasti — to come from school earlier (lit. faster) than usual



  1. nominative plural masculine form of ātrs
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