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Alternative formsEdit

  • (non-standard) ζ΄


Ζ΄ ()

  1. The Greek numeral representing the number seven (7), typically romanized as the Roman numeral VII.
    Ο Αντίοχος Ζʹ Σιδήτης ή Ευεργέτης ήταν αυτοκράτορας της Δυναστειας των Σελευκιδών, βασιλέων της Συρίας κατά την ελληνιστική περίοδο.
    Antiochus VII the Sidetan or Do-Gooder was an emperor of the Dynasty of the Seleucids and king of Syria during the Hellenistic period.

Usage notesEdit

The Greek numbers from 1 to 999 are properly marked using the Greek numeral sign (κεραία, keraía). This appears in Unicode as greek numeral sign ʹ (U+0374), which is anomalous on Wiktionary and improperly links as ʹ (modifier letter prime, U+02B9). This entry is encoded using the modern Greek accent mark (τόνος, tónos), which appears in Unicode as tonos ΄ (U+0384). Other marks are also sometimes used.

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