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Ancient Greek edit

Etymology edit

From δράω (dráō) +‎ -μᾰ (-ma, result noun suffix).

Pronunciation edit


Noun edit

δρᾶμᾰ (drâman (genitive δρᾱ́μᾰτος); third declension

  1. a deed, act
  2. one of the three types of ancient Greek poetry (the other two are epic and lyric poetry)
  3. a play, an action represented on the stage (a tragedy, a comedy, or a satyr play)

Inflection edit

Derived terms edit

Descendants edit

  • Greek: δράμα (dráma)
  • Georgian: დრამა (drama)
  • Hebrew: ⁧דרמה(drama)
  • Late Latin: drāma (see there for further descendants)

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