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Ancient Greek edit

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Etymology edit

From Proto-Hellenic *kʷotsos, from Proto-Indo-European *kʷoti, adverb from *kʷos. Compare the indefinite form ποσός (posós). Cognate with Latin quot.

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Adjective edit

πόσος (pósosm (feminine πόση, neuter πόσον); first/second declension

  1. interrogative adjective of quantity: how much?, how many?, how big?, how great?, how far?, how long?

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Greek edit

Etymology edit

From Ancient Greek πόσος (pósos), from Proto-Hellenic *kʷotsos, from Proto-Indo-European *kʷoti, adverb from *kʷos.

Pronoun edit

πόσος (pósosm (feminine πόση, neuter πόσο)  interrogative

  1. how much? (questions of quantity and extent)
    Πόσο κάνει;Póso kánei?How much?
    Πόσο γάλα;Póso gála?How much milk?
    Πόση ώρα είσαι εδώ;Pósi óra eísai edó?How long have you been here?
  2. (in the plural) how many? (questions of quantity)
    Πόσοι θέλετε καφέ;Pósoi thélete kafé?How many want coffee?

Declension edit