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See also: τι, ότι, ὅτι, ôti, oți, and 'oti



Alternative formsEdit

  • (obsolete/hypercorrect) ό⸒τι (ó⸒ti) (i.e. with the hypodiastole Unicode character, rather than a comma)
  • (dated) ο τι (o ti)
  • (misspelling) ότι (óti)


From a reconsideration of ὅ τι (hó ti) as a single word, while retaining the hypodiastole—an otherwise outdated form of the Greek comma used as a disambiguating interpunct symbol—in order to differentiate this term from ότι (óti).



ό,τι (ó,ti) (indeclinable)

  1. anything, whatever
    Είναι κακομαθημένο παιδί· ό,τι θέλει, του το δίνουν.
    Eínai kakomathiméno paidí; ó,ti thélei, tou to dínoun.
    He's a spoilt child; they give him anything he wants.
    Κάνε ό,τι θέλεις, δεν μ' ενδιαφέρει πιά.
    Káne ó,ti théleis, den m' endiaférei piá.
    Do whatever you want, I don't care anymore.


ό,τι (ó,tim

  1. whatever, anything
    Θα κάνω ό,τι μπορώ.Tha káno ó,ti boró.I'll do what I can.

Derived termsEdit