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Alternative formsEdit


Proper nounEdit

Госпо́дь (Gospódʹm anim (genitive Го́спода)

  1. the Lord, God
    Го́споди! (vocative)Good Lord!
    Не дай Госпо́дь!Ne daj Gospódʹ!God forbid!
    Госпо́дь его́ зна́ет!Gospódʹ jevó znájet!God only knows!; Who knows?
    Госпо́дь с тобо́й!Gospódʹ s tobój!Bless you!; also: Get outta here! (incredulity)
    Госпо́дь с ним!Gospódʹ s nim!Forget him!

Usage notesEdit

  • It's acceptable to pronounce the first letter "г (g)" as /ɣ/ or /ɦ/ in standard Russian for this word. The vocative case is more likely to be pronounced with /ɣ/ or /ɦ/.


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