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давам (dávamimpf (perfective дам)

  1. (ditransitive) to give
    Ще ти дам книгата. - I will give you the book.
  2. (ditransitive) to let, to allow
    Родителите ми не ми дават да ходя на кино. - My parents don't let me go to the cinema.
  3. (transitive) to produce, to yield, to bear
    Кравите дават мляко. - Cows yield milk.
  4. (transitive) to present in public performance, to give
    Давам концерт. - To give a concert.
  5. (transitive) to provide, as, a service or a broadcast, to give, to be on
    Вече не дават любимото ми предаване. - They no longer give my favourite show.
    Дават новините. - The news is on.
  6. (ditransitive) to fix, to set
    Учителката даде на учениците си задача да нарисуват ходило. - The teacher set her students the task of drawing a foot.
    Давам срок - to fix/set a time-limit
    Давам тон - to set the tone
  7. (ditransitive) to estimate or predict (a duration or probability for something), to give
    Давам му десет минути преди да се откаже. - I give it ten minutes before he gives up.