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е́здить (jézditʹimpf (perfective пое́здить)

  1. to go (by horse or vehicle), to ride, to drive
  2. to come, to visit
  3. to travel
    Я ча́сто е́зжу в Москву́.
    Ja částo jézžu v Moskvú.
    I frequently go (travel) to Moscow. (abstract verb)
    е́здить на ло́шадиjézditʹ na lóšadito ride a horse (generally, abstract verb)
    е́здить на по́ездеjézditʹ na pójezdeto go by train (generally, abstract verb)

Usage notesEdit

Я е́зжу на маши́не.Ja jézžu na mašíne.I'm going by car.
The subject has no definite destination in mind, and perhaps travels in more than one direction. Here, е́зжу is from the abstract verb е́здить.
Я е́ду в Москву́.Ja jédu v Moskvú.I'm going to Moscow.
The subject has a definite destination (i.e. Moscow) in mind and the intention of going in a single direction. Here, е́ду is from the concrete verb е́хать.


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