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From Proto-Slavic *jьměti. Cognates include Russian име́ть (imétʹ), Ukrainian ма́ти (máty), Polish mieć.


мець (mjecʹimpf

  1. (transitive) to have

Usage notesEdit

The more common way to express possession is to use the preposition у + the genitive form of the pronoun (e.g. маю = у мяне́, маеш = у цябе́, мае = у яго́ (ён, яно), у яе́ (яна), маем = у нас, маеце = у вас, маюць = у іх). The past tense is expressed using the past tense of the verb быць, with the gender of the verb form matching that of the object possessed. To express the future tense, будзе (if the object possessed is in singular) or будуць (if the object possessed is in plural) are used.