Russian edit

Etymology edit

по- (po-) +‎ говори́ть (govorítʹ)

Pronunciation edit

  • IPA(key): [pəɡəvɐˈrʲitʲ]
  • (file)

Verb edit

поговори́ть (pogovorítʹpf (imperfective говори́ть or погова́ривать)

  1. to have a conversation, to talk (used with с кем)
  2. to talk (that lasts only a certain amount of time) (see по-)

Usage notes edit

Поговори́ть (Pogovorítʹ) has a more oral, real-time emphasis than the English equivalents "talk", "speak" etc. A Russian speaker may use it in isolation while conversing with someone by text to refer specifically to a real-time oral conversation, such as on a call or in real life, e.g., (while texting) Дава́й поговори́м (Daváj pogovorím, Let's call (i.e. talk in real time with our mouths)), although it can also be used to refer to text conversations.

Conjugation edit