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про- +‎ водити


  • IPA(key): /proʋǒditi/
  • Hyphenation: про‧во‧ди‧ти


прово̀дити impf (Latin spelling provòditi)

  1. (transitive) to lead, guide, take (somebody by showing the way)
  2. (transitive) to install (electricity, installations etc.), lay/run lines
  3. (transitive) to carry out, implement, execute, put into effect (measures)
    проводитии одлуку — to carry out a decision
  4. (transitive) to spend (time)
    слободно вр(иј)еме проводим писајући р(ј)ечник — I spend my free time writing a dictionary
    проводити дан — to spend one's day
    како си провео л(ј)ето? — how was your summer?
  5. (reflexive) to spend one's (free) time, fare in (in a particular manner)
    л(иј)епо се проведите за викенд! — have a good time during the weekend!


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