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Mongolian edit


Etymology edit

From Classical Mongolian ᠤᠷᠤᠭᠤ (-uruɣu), from Middle Mongol [Term?]. Cognate with Buryat руу (ruu); Kalmyk -ур (-ur), -һур (-ğur), -гур (-gur). Doublet of уруу (uruu).

Pronunciation edit

Suffix edit

руу (ruu)

  1. Marks the directive case after a stem ending in any vowel or consonant except р (r).
    Synonym: -аад (-aad)
    Alternative form: луу (luu)

Usage notes edit

  • Due to its recent development as a grammatical case, directive case suffixes are written with a space between the stem and suffix.
  • Generally equivalent to the English term down to when used in reference to a location, as in "I'm going down to the shop".

Inflection edit