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Inherited from Proto-Slavic *sъmotriti. Compare *motriti (to look at, to watch).

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  • IPA(key): [smɐˈtrʲetʲ]
  • (file)

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смотре́ть (smotrétʹimpf (perfective посмотре́ть, verbal noun смотре́ние)

  1. to look, to gaze
  2. to see, to watch
  3. to view, to review
  4. to examine, to inspect
  5. to mind

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  • In contrast with ви́деть (vídetʹ), смотреть is used for when you are actively watching something, usually a performance or film. When you immediately see something, like a friend on the sidewalk, видеть is used.
  • The form смотря has been largely grammaticalized and is rarely used as an adverbial participle. The syncretic form глядя is generally used instead.

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