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כַּדּוּר (kadúrm (plural indefinite כַּדּוּרִים, singular construct כַּדּוּר־)

  1. A ball or orb or other spherical object.
    הילדים העבירו ביניהם את הכדור.‎‎ ― hay'ladím he'evíru beinéhem et hakadúr.The children passed the ball to one another.
  2. (geometry) A ball: a three-dimensional solid enclosed by a sphere.
  3. (geometry, loosely) A sphere: a three-dimensional surface consisting of points equidistant from a center.
  4. (mathematics) A ball: the subset of a metric space that consists of all points within a certain distance from a given point.
  5. A bullet, a round.
  6. A pill: medicine to be swallowed.

Usage notesEdit

  • Historically, this noun was sometimes masculine, sometimes feminine. In Modern Hebrew it is exclusively masculine.

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