Hebrew edit

נ־ק־ד (n-q-d)

Etymology edit

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Noun edit

ניקוד / נִקּוּד (nikúdm (plural indefinite ניקודים / נִקּוּדִים) [pattern: קִטּוּל]

  1. nikud, vowel points used in Hebrew script; pointing, vocalization.

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References edit

  • נקוד” in the Hebrew Terms Database of the Academy of Hebrew Language

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Yiddish edit

Etymology edit

From Hebrew ניקוד / נִקּוּד (nikúd).

Noun edit

ניקוד (nikedm, plural נקודות (nikudes)

  1. nikkud, pointing (system of vowel points used in Hebrew script)
  2. point (a mark used in this system)

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