• Rhymes: -o

Etymology 1Edit

Compare with Egyptian pj (this).


פֹּה ()

  1. here, this place, at this place, in this place
    אתה גר פה?‎ — atá gar ? — Do you live here? (addressing a man)
    נצא מפה בעוד חמש דקות.‎ — netzé mi b'ód khamésh dakót. — We'll set out (literally leave from here) in five minutes.
    באתי לפה לפני שעה.‎ — batí l' lif'néi sha'á. — I came here (literally to here) an hour ago.
Usage notesEdit
  • Unlike English here, Hebrew פֹּה is not used by itself to mean “to this place”; for that, the preposition לְ־(l'-, to) must be added (as in the third example above).

Etymology 2Edit

From Proto-Semitic *pay-, cognate with Aramaic פּוּמָא(pūmā), Arabic فَم(fam) / فُو(), Ge'ez አፍ (ʾäf), Ugaritic 𐎔 (p), Akkadian 𒅗 (pû,  ).


פֶּה (pem (singular construct פִּי־‎)

  1. mouth
Derived termsEdit

Etymology 3Edit

From Italian fa.

Proper nounEdit

פָה (fa)

  1. Fa: the fourth solfège syllable, representing the note F.
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