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Etymology 1Edit

From Latin pro-; compare English pro-.


פְּרוֹ (p'ró)

  1. Pro-: forming adjectives relating to support.
    מחאה פרו פלסטינית‎ ― m'kha'á p'ró falestínita pro-Palestinian protest
Usage notesEdit
  • This prefix is often written with a hyphen or makaf: פְּרוֹ־‎(p'ro-). For example, the above phrase פרו פלסטינית can also be written פרו־פלסטינית; both spellings are common, and they are interchangeable.

Etymology 2Edit

From the root פ־ר־ה‎ in pa'al construction


פָּרוּ (parú)

  1. Third-person plural past (suffix conjugation) of פָּרָה(pará)


פְּרוּ (p'ru)

  1. Masculine plural imperative of פָּרָה(pará)
Derived termsEdit

Etymology 3Edit


פָּרוֹ (paró)

  1. Singular form of פָּר(par) with third-person masculine singular personal pronoun as possessor: his bull

Etymology 4Edit


From English Peru or Spanish Perú

פֵּרוּ (peru)

  1. Peru