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From Ottoman Turkish اوطه(oda, room), also spelled اوده and اودا. Modern Turkish oda


اوضة ‎(ʾōḍaf, pl اوض (ʾuwaḍ or ʾiwaḍ) and اوضات (ʾuḍaat)

  1. room (part of a building)
    فيه بنت قالتلك انا ممكن اعيش معاك فى اوضة وصالة بس؟
    fīh bint ʾālít-lak ʾána múmkin ʾáʿīš máʿāk fi ʾōḍa wi ṣāla bass?
    Has a girl ever told you "I could live with you just in a room and a hall?"
  2. suite (of furniture)
    ايه رأيك فى الاوضة الخشب زان دى؟
    ēh ráʾyik fil-ʾōḍa ʾil-xášab zān di?
    What do you think about this beechwood suite?"

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