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Egyptian ArabicEdit

Alternative formsEdit


From Ottoman Turkish اوطه (oda, room), also spelled اوده and اودا. Modern Turkish oda



اوضة (ʾōḍaf, pl اوض (ʾuwaḍ or ʾiwaḍ) and اوضات (ʾuḍaat)

  1. room (part of a building)
    فيه بنت قالتلك انا ممكن اعيش معاك فى اوضة وصالة بس؟‎
    fīh bint ʾālít-lak ʾána múmkin ʾáʿīš máʿāk fi ʾōḍa wi ṣāla bass?
    Has a girl ever told you "I could live with you just in a room and a hall?"
  2. suite (of furniture)
    ايه رأيك فى الاوضة الخشب زان دى؟‎
    ēh ráʾyik fil-ʾōḍa ʾil-xášab zān di?
    What do you think about this beechwood suite?"


Derived termsEdit


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