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Inherited from Proto-Turkic *ok (arrow); cognate with Old Turkic 𐰸(ok), Azerbaijani ox, Bashkir уҡ (uq), Chuvash ухӑ (uh̬ă), Kazakh оқ (oq), Kyrgyz: ок (ok), Turkmen ok, Uyghur ئوق(oq) and Uzbek oʻq.


اوق (ok)

  1. arrow, dart, a projectile consisting of a shaft, a point and a tail that is shot from a bow
    Synonyms: تیر(tir), سهم(sehm)
  2. any stick, beam or pole, when used as an adjunct to, and at right angles with some larger thing
  3. quill, a sharply pointed, barbed needle-like structure that grows on the skin of a porcupine

Derived termsEdit


  • Turkish: ok
  • Armenian: օխ (ōx)

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