Arabic edit

ج و ر (j-w-r)

Noun edit

جِوَار (jiwārm

  1. verbal noun of جَاوَرَ (jāwara, to be one's neighbor, to take into protection) (form III)
  2. neighborhood (The quality of being a neighbor, of living nearby, next to each-other)
  3. protection

Declension edit

Descendants edit

  • Ottoman Turkish: جوار (civar)

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Preposition edit

جِوَارَ (jiwāra)

  1. next to

    Inflected forms
Base form جِوَارَ (jiwāra)
including forms
Singular Dual Plural
Masculine Feminine Common Masculine Feminine
First person جِوَارِي (jiwārī) جِوَارَنَا (jiwāranā)
Second person جِوَارَكَ (jiwāraka) جِوَارَكِ (jiwāraki) جِوَارَكُمَا (jiwārakumā) جِوَارَكُمْ (jiwārakum) جِوَارَكُنَّ (jiwārakunna)
Third person جِوَارَهُ (jiwārahu) جِوَارَهَا (jiwārahā) جِوَارَهُمَا (jiwārahumā) جِوَارَهُمْ (jiwārahum) جِوَارَهُنَّ (jiwārahunna)

Ushojo edit

Noun edit

جوار (javār)

  1. corn