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From Middle Persian. Akin to Old Armenian սահման (sahman); an Iranian borrowing.


سامان (sâmân)

  1. order, arrangement, disposition
  2. boundary, limit, place where any sign or mark is placed to separate one field from another, a balk
  3. household furniture, baggage, articles
  4. instruments, tools, apparatus
  5. preparation
  6. foundation of a house
  7. side, quarter
  8. end, scope, aim
  9. butt for archers
  10. measure, quantity, proportion
  11. currency
  12. patience, quiet
  13. rest, pause
  14. cessation, conclusion
  15. continence, chastity
  16. opulence
  17. good disposition, probity
  18. understanding, reason, intellect
  19. power, strength
  20. assembly, company, people met together
  21. whetstone
  22. custom, habit
  23. city, town

Derived termsEdit

Proper nounEdit

سامان (Sâmân)

  1. A male given name, Saman




سامان (sāmānm (Hindi spelling सामान)

  1. goods
  2. stuff
  3. luggage
  4. baggage