See also: سلسلہand سلسلة

Ottoman Turkish edit

Etymology edit

Borrowed from Arabic سِلْسِلَة(silsila, chain), through Persian سلسله(selsele).

Noun edit

سلسله (silsile) (plural سلاسل(silasil))

  1. chain, a series of interconnected rings or links
    Synonym: زنجیر(zincir)
  2. chain, series, sequence, a number of things that follow on one after the other

Derived terms edit

Descendants edit

  • Turkish: silsile
  • Armenian: սինսիլե (sinsile), սըլսըլա (səlsəla)

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Persian edit

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Etymology edit

From Arabic سِلْسِلَة(silsila).

Pronunciation edit


Classical reading? silsila
Dari reading? silsila
Iranian reading? selsele
Tajik reading? silsila

Noun edit

سلسله (selsele) (plural سلسله‌ها(selsele-hâ))

  1. chain
  2. series
  3. dynasty
  4. hierarchy