North Levantine ArabicEdit


From Arabic سواء‎. Compare also Arabic سويا‎.


سوا (sawa)

  1. (particularly Lebanon) together
    ما فيكن تقعدو سوا بغرفة من دون ما تصَرّخو؟‎‎
    mā fīkun ti’‘dū sawā b-ḡirfe min dūn mā tṣarrḵū?
    Are you not able to be in a room together without screaming?
    Synonym: مَعْ بَعْض(maʿ baʿḍ)
  2. (now uncommon) completely; wholly

Usage notesEdit

  • Sense 2 is preserved in the set expression كلُّو سَوَا (kullo sawa, all of it) and other inflected forms.

Southwestern FarsEdit


سوا (savâ)

  1. (Masarm, Deh Sarv, Kuzarg) tomorrow