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Etymology 1Edit

From the root م ل ل(m-l-l).


مَلّة or مُلَّة (malla or mullaf (plural مُلَل(mulal))

  1. tedium, weariness
  2. bread baken in hot ashes
  3. sweating, fever
  4. tacking stitch, basting stitch, large stitch

Etymology 2Edit

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From the root م ل ء(m-l-ʾ) meaning "to fill a vessel", "to grow to be a full man", "to be pleasing or satisfactory", "an adult who is regarded for his opinion", "the affluent, nobles, or decision-makers in a tribe", "to speak about or discuss", "an assembly where consultation and opinions are given", "expressing disdain or scorn", "to give a critique", "to converse or to give a review", "to give your take on a situation", "to give one's judgment or input". See also the likely derived root م ي ل(m-y-l) meaning "leaning, one's leaning" and the Millat Ibrahim, the critique, philosophy, or ideology of the prophet Ibrahim, namely Monotheism.


مِلَّة (millaf (plural مِلَل(milal))

  1. ideological community, philosophy, creed, weltanschauung, religion
Derived termsEdit


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