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Ottoman Turkish edit

Etymology edit

Borrowed from Persian مهربان.

Adjective edit

مهربان (mihrban, mihriban)

  1. kind, affectionate

Noun edit

مهربان (mihrban, mihriban)

  1. a possessor of affection, a sincere friend

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Persian edit

Etymology edit

From Middle Persian [script needed] (mtr'pʾn' /⁠mihrbān⁠/). Compare Parthian [script needed] (myhrbʾn /⁠mihrbān⁠/). Related to مهر (mehr, kindness, love).

Pronunciation edit


Classical reading? mihraḇān, mihrbān
Dari reading? mehrabān, mehrbān
Iranian reading? mehrabân, mehrbân
Tajik reading? mehrubon
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Adjective edit

Dari مهربان
Iranian Persian
Tajik меҳрубон

مهربان (mehrabân)

  1. kind
  2. gracious

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