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Najdi ArabicEdit


وين (wayn)

  1. where?
    Where are you?
    وين بيتك؟‎‎
    Where's your house?
    وين رايح؟‎‎
    Where are you going?

North Levantine ArabicEdit


From Arabic وَأَيْنَ(waʾayna, and where). Compare Egyptian Arabic فين(fēn), from either فَأَيْنَ (faʾayna, so where) or فِي أَيْنَ(fī ʾayna, in where).


وين (wēn, wayn)

  1. where (relative and interrogative adverb, also figuratively)
    من وين إنت؟‎‎
    min wēn ʾinta? (to a male), min wēn ʾinti? (to a female)
    Where are you from?
    عم تقلي روح إحكي معها؟ هي وين وأنا وين؟‎‎
    ʿam tʾilli rūḥ ʾiḥki maʿa? hiyyi wēn wʾana wēn?
    You’re telling me I should go talk to her? She’s way out of my league.
    (literally, “You’re telling me to go talk to her? Where is she and where am I?”)