Classical SyriacEdit

Etymology 1Edit

Compare Arabic سَاعَة ‎(sāʿa(t)) and Hebrew שָׁעָה ‎(šāʿâ).


  • IPA(key): [ʃɑʕ(ə)θɑ(ʔ)] (singular)
  • IPA(key): [ʃɑʕe(ʔ)], [ʃɑʕɑθɑ(ʔ)] (plural)


ܫܥܬܐ ‎(transliteration neededf ‎(plural ܫܥܬܐ or ܫܥܐ)

  1. hour (60 minutes)
  2. time, o'clock
  3. moment
  4. season
  5. (astronomy) angle, degree
  6. (astronomy) ascendant
  7. unit of weight equal to 5 oz.
  8. (astrology) horoscope
Usage notesEdit
  • Usually, the plural ܫܥܐ ‎(šāʿēʾ) is a paucal plural (from two to ten) while the plural ܫܥܬܐ ‎(šāʿāṯāʾ) is a multiple plural (eleven or more).
  • The absolute singular form ܫܥ ‎(šāʿ) only occurs in the compound ܟܠܫܥ ‎(kolšāʿ, always).

Etymology 2Edit

From the root ܫ-ܥ-ܐ (IPA(key): /ʃ-ʕ-ʔ/) related to playing.


  • IPA(key): [ʃ(ə)ʕɑθɑ(ʔ)] (singular and plural)


ܫܥܬܐ ‎(transliteration neededf ‎(plural ܫܥܬܐ)

  1. amusement, joke
  2. laughing stock
  3. play, game
  4. sport
  5. spectacle


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