See also: এঁকে and এক

Assamese edit

Etymology edit

From এক (ek, one) +‎ -এ (-e, only).

Pronunciation edit

Adjective edit

একে (eke)

  1. same
    দুয়োটা ঘটনা একেদিনা ঘটিছিল
    duyüta ghotona ekedinai ghotisil.
    Both incidents occurred in the same day.
  2. alike

Derived terms edit

Bengali edit

Pronunciation edit

Pronoun edit

একে (eke)

  1. objective form of (e)

Pali edit

Numeral edit


  1. Bengali script form of eke, which is inflection of এক:
    1. masculine nominative/accusative/vocative plural
    2. feminine vocative singular (eka, one)