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Of uncertain origin. Cognate with Northern Thai ᨡᩧ᩠᩶ᨶ, Lao ຂຶ້ນ (khưn), ᦃᦹᧃᧉ (ẋuen2), Tai Dam ꪄꪳ꫁ꪙ, Shan ၶိုၼ်ႈ (khūen), Ahom 𑜁𑜢𑜤𑜃𑜫 (khuen), Zhuang gwnx or gwnz.


kʰ ụ ˆ n
Royal Institutekhuen
(standard) IPA(key)/kʰɯn˥˩/


ขึ้น (kʉ̂n)

  1. up; upwards.
  2. frontally; frontwards.
  3. northerly; northwards.
  4. easterly; eastwards.
  5. in or to a greater extent or degree.


ขึ้น (kʉ̂n)

  1. (of a moon) waxing.


ขึ้น (kʉ̂n)

  1. waxing moon
  2. (lunar calendar) day of the waxing moon, as opposed to แรม (rɛɛm, day of the waning moon).


waxing moon; day of the waxing moon


ขึ้น (kʉ̂n) (abstract noun การขึ้น)

  1. (of a moon) to wax.
  2. to move or go up, upwards, frontwards, northwards, or eastwards.
  3. to come above the horizon, as a heavenly body.
  4. to rise to a higher point, rank, degree, level, order, etc.
  5. to make or become greater, as in number, size, strength, quality, quantity, volume, etc.
  6. to become acute, strong, or vehement, as sensations, feelings, or emotions.
  7. to commence; to start.
  8. to make a record of; to record or register.
  9. to be under or subject to the authority, direction, supervision, or influence of another person, entity, etc.
  10. to insert an arrow, shot, etc, into a bow, crossbow, or the like.
  11. to assume or cause to assume a form, as a bronze figure, plaster figure, piece of wickerwork, etc.
  12. to obtain cash for a check, money order, lottery, etc.
  13. to place or keep in a treasury, depository, warehouse, etc.