Pali edit

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Noun edit

มติ f

  1. Thai script form of mati (mind)

Declension edit

Sanskrit edit

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Noun edit

มติ (matí or máti) root formf

  1. Thai script form of मति (thought)

Thai edit

Etymology edit

From Sanskrit मति (mati, determination; resolution; view; etc.) or Pali mati.

Compare Lao ມະຕິ (ma ti).

Pronunciation edit

m t i
m a – t i
Royal Institutema-ti
(standard) IPA(key)/ma˦˥.tiʔ˨˩/(R)

Noun edit

มติ (má-dtì)

  1. a resolution (an expression of opinion or intention, as one made by a meeting, body of persons, etc.).
  2. an opinion; view.

Derived terms edit