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Thai Edit

Etymology Edit

From Proto-Tai *mɯŋᴬ (singular second-person pronoun (weak)).

Cognate with Lao ມຶງ (mưng), ᦙᦹᧂ (mueng), Tai Dam ꪣꪳꪉ, Zhuang mwngz.

Compare Proto-Hlai *C-mɯː (you (singular)).

Pronunciation Edit

m ụ ŋ
Royal Institutemueng
(standard) IPA(key)/mɯŋ˧/(R)
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Pronoun Edit

มึง (mʉng)

  1. (vulgar, derogatory, offensive) a second person pronoun: you.

Usage notes Edit

  • Often used together with the first person pronoun กู (guu).

Descendants Edit

  • Khmer: មឹង (mɨng)

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