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Thai Edit

Etymology Edit

Cognate with Northern Thai ᩁᩬᨦ, Isan ฮอง, Lao ຮອງ (hǭng), Shan ႁွင်း (háung), ᦣᦸᧂ (hoang), Ahom 𑜍𑜨𑜂𑜫 (roṅ).

Pronunciation Edit

r ɒ ŋ
Royal Instituterong
(standard) IPA(key)/rɔːŋ˧/(R)

Verb Edit

รอง (rɔɔng) (abstract noun การรอง)

  1. to place underneath; to support from below.
  2. to collect liquid (under a spout).

Derived terms Edit

Noun Edit

รอง (rɔɔng)

  1. deputy; vice-; subordinate.