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Thai edit

Pronunciation edit

w ạ n
Royal Institutewan
(standard) IPA(key)/wan˧/(R)

Etymology 1 edit

From Proto-Southwestern Tai *ŋwanᴬ² (day), from Proto-Tai *ŋwanᴬ (daytime). Cognate with Northern Thai ᩅᩢ᩠ᨶ, Lao ວັນ (wan), ᦞᧃ (van), Shan ဝၼ်း (wán), Tai Nüa ᥝᥢᥰ (wän), Tai Dam ꪫꪽ, Ahom 𑜈𑜃𑜫 (ban), Zhuang ngoenz, Bouyei nguanz. Compare Sui vanl (day), Proto-Be *vɨnᴬ², Proto-Hlai *hŋwən (day; daytime; noon; sun).

Noun edit

วัน (wan) (classifier วัน)

  1. day.
  2. daytime.
  3. today.
    dtaai wan dtaai prûng
    [We can] die today [or] die tomorrow [= we can die at any time].
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Etymology 2 edit

Noun edit

วัน (wan) (classifier ตัว)

  1. (แมลง~, แมง~) fly: any of numerous two-winged insects of the order Diptera.

Etymology 3 edit

From Sanskrit वन (vana, forest); probably via Old Khmer °vana, vana (forest; grove; jungle; wood). Compare Modern Khmer វន (vɔɔn).

Alternative forms edit

Noun edit

วัน (wan)

  1. (elegant) forest; grove; jungle; wood.