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Thai edit

Etymology edit

From Proto-Tai *ʑaɰꟲ (to commission). Cognate with Northern Thai ᨩᩲ᩶, Lao ໃຊ້ (sai), ᦺᦋᧉ (tsay²), Shan ၸႂ်ႉ (tsâ̰ue), Ahom 𑜋𑜨𑜧 (chow).

Pronunciation edit

au d͡ʑ ˆ
ai d͡ʑ ˆ
Royal Institutechai
(standard) IPA(key)/t͡ɕʰaj˦˥/(R)

Verb edit

ใช้ (chái) (abstract noun การใช้)

  1. to use; to employ.
  2. to put to use; to utilise.
  3. to apply (a law, rule, etc).
  4. to exercise (a power, right, freedom, etc).
  5. to require (someone to do something); to have or make (someone do something).
  6. (criminal law) to abet. [first officially used in the Siamese Penal Code of 1908]
  7. to disburse or spend (money, etc).
  8. to pay (a debt, sum, etc); to perform (an obligation, etc).
  9. to repay; to refund; to compensate.
  10. to pay: to suffer in retribution.
  11. to live (a life).

Derived terms edit