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Etymology edit

From Proto-Tai *leːwꟲ (to be finished), from Middle Chinese (MC lewX). Cognate with Thai แล้ว (lɛ́ɛo); (l̇aew), Northern Thai ᩓ᩠ᩅ. Compare also Iu Mien liuz (to finish, to end; then; after).

Pronunciation edit

  • (Vientiane) IPA(key): [lɛːw˥˨]
  • (Luang Prabang) IPA(key): [lɛːw˧˦]
  • Hyphenation: ແລ້ວ
  • Rhymes: -ɛːw

Verb edit

ແລ້ວ (lǣu) (abstract noun ການແລ້ວ)

  1. to finish, complete
  2. (auxiliary) indicating completion of action, past tense
    ຊາວປີແລ້ວ ທີ່ເຮົາອອກຈາກບ້ານໄປ.
    sāo pīlǣu thī hao ʼǭk chāk bān pai.
    It was twenty years ago that I left this village.

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Adverb edit

ແລ້ວ (lǣu)

  1. then; subsequently

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