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Tai NüaEdit


From Proto-Southwestern Tai *ʰrok (six), from Proto-Tai *krokᴰ (six), from Old Chinese (OC *ruɡ, “six”).[1] Cognate with Thai หก (hòk), Northern Thai ᩉᩫ᩠ᨠ, Lao ຫົກ (hok), ᦷᦠᧅ (ḣok), Tai Dam ꪶꪬ꪿ꪀ, Shan ႁူၵ်း (húuk), Ahom 𑜍𑜤𑜀𑜫 (ruk), Bouyei rogt, Zhuang roek or loeg.


ᥞᥨᥐᥱ (hǒk) (old orthography ᥞᥨᥐ̌)

  1. six


  1. ^ Pittayaporn, Pittayawat (2014), “Layers of Chinese Loanwords in Proto-Southwestern Tai as Evidence for the Dating of the Spread of Southwestern Tai”, in MANUSYA: Journal of Humanities, volume 20 (special issue), Bangkok: Chulalongkorn University, ISSN 0859-9920, pages 47–68.