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Ancient GreekEdit


From ἀπο- (apo-, from) +‎ λῡ́ω (lū́ō, to loosen).




ἀπολῡ́ω (apolū́ō)

  1. to loose from
    1. to set free from, release or relieve from
      1. (law) to acquit
  2. (sole use in the Iliad) to let go free on receipt of ransom
    1. to let go, let alone, leave
  3. to discharge or disband an army, dismiss
    1. to divorce a wife
    2. to do away with, remove
    3. to discharge or pay a debt
    4. to dismiss a charge
  4. to sell
  5. (middle) to redeem
    • Opp. C. 3.128
    1. to do away with calumnies against one
    2. to acquit of
      1. to release from
    3. to depart
  6. (passive) to be released, let off
    1. to be separated, get clear, part
      1. to depart
    2. (of a child) to be brought forth
    3. to be annulled