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From ἀπό (apó), used as a prefix.

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ἀπο- (apo-)

  1. Indicating movement: away, from, off
    ἀποβαίνω (apobaínō, step off)
  2. Indicating breaking one part from another: un-, asunder, apart, off
    ἀποτέμνω (apotémnō, cut off)
  3. Indicating ending or finishing, or almost like the negative ἀ- (a-, not), especially in adjectives
    ἀπαλγέω (apalgéō, put away sorrow for), ἀπόσῑτος (apósītos, having eaten nothing)
  4. back, again
    ἀποδίδωμι (apodídōmi, give back)
  5. Simply emphasizing the meaning of the verb
  6. because of, owing to

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  • Greek: απο- (apo-)

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