Ancient Greek edit

Etymology edit

From ἀπο- (apo-, away) +‎ αἱρέω (hairéō, take).

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Verb edit

ἀφαιρέω (aphairéō)

  1. to take away [+accusative = something] [+genitive or dative = from someone]; or [+genitive = something] [+accusative = something]
    1. (mathematics) to subtract
  2. (middle voice)
    1. to deprive of [+accusative = something]
    2. to prevent someone [+infinitive = from doing]
    3. with εἰς ἐλευθερίᾱν (eis eleutheríān): to free someone
    4. to claim
  3. (passive voice) to be robbed; to have something taken, to be deprived of [+accusative = something]

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