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U+203E, ‾

General Punctuation
◌̅ U+0305, ̅
Combining Diacritical Marks ◌̆



A horizontal line to be placed above other characters.



  1. Used in some languages to mark abbreviations.
    ΙΣ ΧΣ, a Greek abbreviation of Jesus Christ.
  2. (mathematics) Drawn over repeating digits.
  3. (geometry) Drawn over letters which represent a line segment.
  4. (physics) Used to denote antiparticles.
    p (proton); p (antiproton)
  5. (mathematics) Indicates the complex conjugate of a complex number.
  6. (statistics) Used to mark the mean of a sample.
  7. (Roman numerals) Multiplies the value of a group of digits by one thousand.
    IV — four; IV — four thousand; IV — four million
  8. See ¯ for the macron, which is a diacritical mark used in multiple languages.

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  • ¯ (macron, a line drawn over a letter in some languages)

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