⟨ ⟩

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⟨ ⟩

  1. (mathematics) Encloses the inner product of two vectors.
  2. (mathematics) Denotes the expectation value of something.

Punctuation markEdit

⟨ ⟩

  1. (linguistics) Encloses orthographic representation.
  2. (papyrology, epigraphy) Encloses restored writing that was mistakenly omitted by the original scribe.

Usage notesEdit

For these uses, the characters U+27E8 MATHEMATICAL LEFT ANGLE BRACKET and U+27E9 MATHEMATICAL RIGHT ANGLE BRACKET should be used. The characters U+2329 LEFT-POINTING ANGLE BRACKET and U+232A RIGHT-POINTING ANGLE BRACKET are "deprecated and are strongly discouraged for mathematical use because of their canonical equivalence to CJK punctuation."[1]

Alternative formsEdit

Coordinate termsEdit

  • / / (for phonemic representation in linguistics)
  • [ ] (for phonetic representation in linguistics)



Punctuation markEdit

  1. Encloses titles of books when embedded within a book title.
  2. Encloses titles of sections of a book.

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Punctuation markEdit

  1. Encloses titles of books.