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こうとう (rōmaji kōtō)

  1. 口答: oral answer
  2. 高踏: highbrow
  3. 叩頭: kowtow
  4. 好投: (baseball) nice pitching
  5. 高等: high class, high grade
  6. 高騰: sudden price rise
  7. 口頭: oral
  8. 喉頭: (anatomy) larynx
  9. 後頭: (anatomy) occiput, back of the head
  10. 光頭: bald-headed
  11. 高塔: high tower
  12. 公党: (politics) political party
  13. 紅灯: a red light
  14. 皇統: the imperial family line

Proper nounEdit

こうとう (rōmaji Kōtō)

  1. 後唐: later Tang Dynasty


こうとうする (rōmaji kōtō suru)

  1. 叩頭: kowtow, make a bow so low that one's head touches the ground
  2. 高騰: rise suddenly in price
  3. 好投: (baseball) pitch nicely
  4. 降等: demote