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しのぶ (katakana シノブ, rōmaji shinobu)

  1. , : squirrel's foot fern (Davallia mariesii); clothing patterned with shinobu ferns; a species of fern, Lepisorus thunbergianus; clothing layers of onion-green on the front, blue on the back

Proper nounEdit

しのぶ (rōmaji Shinobu)

  1. a female given name
  2. 信夫: a place name
  3. : a male or female given name
  4. 信夫, : a surname


しのぶ (godan conjugation, rōmaji shinobu)

  1. 忍ぶ: to conceal, hide; to endure, bear
  2. 偲ぶ, 慕ぶ: to recall, reminisce; to imagine