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せいかく (rōmaji seikaku)

  1. 性格: personality; character
  2. 政客: politician; political activist
  3. 正格: passing a certification exam or standard; becoming certified
  4. 正客: (usually read しょうきゃく) the main guest, the guest of honor
  5. 清客: an elegant or classy guest
  6. 生獲: catching something alive; live capture
  7. 精核: sperm nucleus
  8. 精覈: thoroughly investigating something
  9. 製革: leather tanning
  10. 醒覚: (usually spelled 覚醒) waking; becoming lucid; recognizing one's own errors

Adjectival nounEdit

せいかく (-na inflection, rōmaji seikaku)

  1. 正確: correct; accurate; precise
  2. 精確: correct; accurate; precise
  3. 誠愨: honest; sincere