See also: どうしょう



どうじょう (dōjō)

  1. 動擾: motional disturbance
  2. 同上: same as before; same as above, ditto
  3. 同乗: riding together in the same vehicle
  4. 同情: sympathy
  5. 堂上: court noble; family's social standing; atop the hall; entrance to southern eaves of the place where the emperor lived in Heian Palace
  6. 道上: the side of a path, additionally, on a path
  7. 道場: a place where martial arts are practiced, a dojo; the place where the Buddha reached enlightenment; a place for doing Buddhist training; a temple


どうじょうする (dōjō suru) (suru conjugation, stem どうじょう (dōjō shi), past どうじょうした (dōjō shita))

  1. 動擾: be motionally disturbed
  2. 同乗: ride together in the same vehicle
  3. 同情: sympathise