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Adjectival nounEdit

ほうし (-na inflection, rōmaji hōshi)

  1. 放恣, 放肆: licentious


ほうし (rōmaji hōshi)

  1. 方士: a wizard
  2. 芳志: good intentions, good wishes
  3. 芳姿:
  4. 奉仕: service
  5. 奉伺: inquiry about (a superior's) health or condition
  6. 放氏:
  7. 放恣, 放肆: licentiousness
  8. 放資: investment
  9. 法師: a Buddhist priest or monk, a bonze
  10. 法嗣: successor to an abbot (Buddhism)
  11. 胞子: spore
  12. 蓬矢:
  13. 鋒矢:
  14. 褒詞: a eulogy
  15. 褒賜:


ほうしする (rōmaji hōshi suru)

  1. 奉仕: to serve, render service
  2. 奉伺: to inquire about (a superior's) health or condition
  3. 奉祀: enshrine a god